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26 Jan

I was really too anxious to get my hair done so I took the train to the city on a Monday morning, the first day of Chinese New Year to get it done!

I initially thought of going to one of the Korean hairdressers as I had enquired about it earlier. Showed them some pictures and got a quote of $150.  I wanted to scout other hairdressers as I’ve never done anything so drastic to my hair so I was quite nervous about the outcome.

A saloon that came to mind was Makasi located just around the corner of Barrack Street and Wellington Street. Went in and told the lady what I was after and she immediately knew what it was. Was informed that it’s called balayage, it would cost $120 and I could get served in 10 minutes time. Instant win.

I don’t remember the name of the guy that did my hair but I remember that he was French. The process was basically just bleaching my hair. Was initially told that it’ll take just an hour but that was because I misinformed him that I didn’t want it too light (but it was too dark).

It wouldn’t have taken so long if I hadn’t used a semi-permanent dye on my hair 2 weeks ago…

Two long hours of sitting on the hair dressers chair. Wished I had a nicer photo of myself to share with everyone but I’m not that Asian bold to camwhore. I was excited because I could see that my hair was turning lighter!

Finally after 2 hours, ta-da! I think it looks really nice and has a more natural effect to it. He did a great job blending the shades.



Kinda would like it was just a little lighter so it would stand out more but he said we better not bleach it again or risk spoiling my hair.

Next big hair change: A perm! Not sure when though. Hair services are so expensive here compared to KL.