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Two Years.

1 Aug

Happy two years anniversary, Nick boo!

Oh boy, how fast time flies. It’s been exactly two years since you got up on stage to perform on Talent Time and that was the day our lives would change forever. I’m so lucky and happy to have you in my life.

I’m proud that were a living proof that a long distance relationship can work out! One and a half more years, baby!

For now, I shall just annoy you every night over Skype.  ❤

I love you always and forever, Nicholas Tiang!

Little trivias:

– I was the one who asked for his number first! Not in the “Hi, can I call you?” way but it the pretence of “in case we lose each other” during the Seventeen Summer Splash 2008. LOL, but I really just wanted his number.

–  On our second month anniversary, he invited me to his grandma’s birthday party! Scary much? His entire family was there! Parents, siblings, aunties, uncles, cousins, etc! However it turned out to be a really good night and I’m glad I didn’t chicken out.

– When the topic comes out, we both still argue and insist that one of us was the one who made the first move to talk to each other! I insist that I was the one who made the effort to stand next to you and strike up a conversation while you were watching your friends play foosball!

– I’ll try to annoy you less over Skype ok! Once uni fully kicks off I’ll be fully occupied!