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What Would Asians Do

11 Sep

OMFG, you just gotta love this!

This shall be my new motivational poster from now on!


I Amuse Myself

7 Aug

I think this picture deserves a further explanation… A friend brought Japanese Rice Crackers to uni and offered us (them weird Singaporeans call it “wang wang”) (after some research, the brand of the rice crackers is Wang Wang, manufactured by Wank Wank Want Want)  After some discussion on the different types of Japanese biscuits and the origins of  the name ‘wang wang’ the conversation ended with that above. LOL. Jo and I just cracked up laughing after that while the two guys just sat there probably in disbelieve that I just said that.

The rice crackers with the white stuff on it!

I think anyone who knows me well enough will know how I can get. The temporary moment of genius of coming up with a priceless insult/joke/etc to say. Of course it doesn’t always work out the way I intend it to. Sometimes things just come out plain wrong and I just end up digging myself into a bigger hole.

Been spending lots of time in the library supposedly studying but I’ve still got a pile of work to do. Time seems to be flying by yet slowing down. My days just slip right by me while it feels like I haven’t been to work in months when it was just last week that I was there. I still work my Nandos job as a cashier but I think it’s high time I find another/second job in a more related field of my studies. Accounting *yawn*. Anyhoos, Nandos has been fun and it has helped me become a happy girl by giving me that extra spending money. Most certainly time I become more in control and disciplined to start saving up for a rainy day. Gosh, just as I said that, my mum’s nags just came into my head.

Was looking back at photos from Sunway AUSMAT days and it made me realize just how much I miss my buddies and they way everything was then! Sigh….. But we all move on into the next chapter in life and the only thing we can do is to enjoy it and move forward.

More lectures to catch up on and a busy week ahead for me.

Till next time. xoxo.