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Spring Spring Spring

22 Sep

I’m so happy that it’s heating up already. Clear skies and bright days forecast for the week. I tried to feel positive about winter. The whole we don’t get to dress like this in Malaysia but gosh; short days, cold and wet weather, cuddled up in layers of unglam clothing to stay warm… how depressing. Glad that’s over for this year.

I’m getting so hyped out looking at the new arrivals and magazines from the local stores. Everything’s so pretty! Isn’t it just so much easier to dress for the warmer weather? Just put on shorts, a cute top, sandals and sunnies and you’re good to go! Not to mention the colours! Winter is so blah when the most decent colour to wear is black.

I finally got my hands on those Henry Holland suspender tights from ASOS for 12pounds. Happy happy. Tried them on and was a tad bit disappointed. The tights are gorgeous and looks great on models but I forgot to imagine how’d it look like when you’re like 5 inches shorter. They’re still great and I can’t wait to wear them out before it gets too warm for tights!


28 Jul

“For the show, Karl Lagerfeld wanted to give a new dimension to Haute Couture makeup. He wanted contemporary hairstyles and makeup and a new sophistication: an everyday, easy to wear look. When Karl showed me his sketches, I realized that all the silhouettes had a touch of red on the mouth. The first suit he showed me was a deep magnificent red which I loved. The tone was given… The mouth and nails were going to be red! The idea was to take two classic makeup elements, a red lipstick and nail polish, and to create a contrast by emphasizing them in an ultra-modern fashion on a nude face.”

Found this on TeenVogue and I think that this look is simply stunning!

I’m dying to out bold red lips!

Isabel’s 21st Photoshoot

8 Jun

Dear Isabel Brodie turned 21 on 28th of May. We had a wild night out getting her smashed but I’ll get to that later.
A friend of hers, Christine Lim, did a little photo shoot for us and here’s the outcome! These are some of my favourites that I got off Facebook. They’re too good not to share!

Jo- Mao Mao- yours truly- Izzy- Tanya aka Bunny- Rosie