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Let it Be

8 Jun

So Intro to Finance totally pwned my ass. Could answer most parts of the objective questions but died answering a 20 mark subjective question. Could I have studied harder? I did study enough for it but as ‘luck’ has it, the questions I decided to dismiss on My Finance Lab (online study plan/guide/questions) were in the paper and I was just at loss on how to answer it… SIGH. To add salt to the wound, I left my water bottle in the exam hall. It was right in front of me on the table but I was just too eager to get out! Went back to try to look for it an hour later but the doors for the hall were closed and the ‘exam in progress’ sign was up so I didn’t go in to try to get it back.

Treated myself to the July issue of Cosmopolitan and salmon sushi. Kicked back and relaxed at home and it’s back to studying. Random fact: Most of the magazines I buy somehow has Blake Lively or Leighton Meester on it. Not a planned decision but heck, they’re both so beautiful!

I think all the studying and snacking has turned my diet upside down. Had 6 pieces of sushi for lunch today and that’s usually enough to fill me up but I was still hungry! Succumbed to my tummy calling to be fed more around 3. For the past 2 days, sitting at my table studying finance, I have not been hungry. Why? Simply because I go on breaks so often and just munch on something all the time. (almonds, Pringles, muffin, instant noodles… ) Surprisingly this has not done any damage to the scale. I’m proud to say that I’m back to the lighter side of the scale! All that done without effort. Pfft, I jogged every other day for a few weeks and zilch results! Remember how I once mentioned that I wanted to lose 5kg’s? Well it’s 2 down and 3 more to go! I’ll be happy if I even lose another kilo because I just can’t commit to a ‘healthy’ diet and regular exercise. Am thinking of doing some yoga at home (couldn’t be arsed to attend classes) so I’ll be looking for a yoga DVD and a yoga mat. Would I need yoga bands?

3 more paper to go and those are the one’s that has hope left in scoring a Distinction but I gotta ace it.

The first proper post!