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GMarket Haul

8 Feb

Finally getting around to sharing with you guys my buys from GMarket! Decided to stock up on winter gear since a lot of winter gear was on sale already. Spent $200 this time. Sad to say that $50 went to shipping but the cost per item makes it so worth it. How else can you buy 3 jackets, 2 shoes, 1 sweater and 2 jeans for $200?

And my purchases:


Riding Boots


Combat Boots

Cream and Red Striped Sweater

Brown Jacket

Black Jacket


Can’t wait to wear them all when winter comes! I’ll be all warm with more alternatives instead of hiding under varsity hoodies and oversized sweaters.

Oh, and I’ve more stuff from Korea thanks to a friend! More shoes and facial masks!

Gift from Tanya!

Facial products from Korea!

Apparently each mask just costs $1 and you get tons of free samples with every purchase. Which explains why I received so many!

When I visit Korea, I’m going with an empty suitcase!


p.s. Apologies for the pixilated pictures, the iTouch’s camera just ain’t that great but it sure is better than my BlackBerry Curve’s.

A Slice of KL Spree

7 Aug

So I went back to KL during the winter break. Dragged a few friends along with me because KL is just too awesome not to share- the food, the shopping, the food and the food. The people who stare at you like they’re gonna rape you ¬†and everything else ain’t that great.

First place that we had to go to was Bukit Bintang! Love that place simply because you can find everything there within walking distance. Start out at Sungei Wang for budget stuff and work our way up the budget to Pavillion.

Was a bit bummed out that we couldn’t get much pampering done because lets face it, massages and facials will not be as cheap as Bangkok (never been but so I’ve heard) so we settled for hair cuts, hair treatments, wash and blow-dry and threading sessions at Bangsar and Damansara.

Here’s just some of the clothes I’ve purchased during the trip. A lot of my shit is still all over the place and I forget what is new and what isn’t.

The shopping 4 girls did in day 1!


Obviously going through a scallop phase!

  • Scallop trimmed tops with pearls from a online blogshop (saw the exact same top at Sungei Wang for a much cheaper price!) *rage face*
  • Mustard yellow skirt with scallop details from F-Block. F-Block is a clothing store which has lot’s of trendier stuff and it’s SO CHEAP. That skirt was around RM30.
  • & not forgetting my Topshop scallop trimmed shorts! Technically not a KL purchase because I bought it online at Topshop. Paid more for it compared to the KL retail price but guess what, it was all sold out! Definitely so happy I splurged on them!


Pleats are so pretty and girly!

  • Sheer midi skirt from Sungei Wang. Only RM25!
  • Cute dress from Blueberry, Bangsar.

Oh my goshhhh, I miss Bangsar Baru boutiques! You’d find such great pieces there for a reasonable price and every boutique is so quirky and different. But bewarned: Shop in Sungei Wang first because sometimes they carry the same pieces and you only pay a fraction of the price in Sungei Wang.

  • Sungei Wang RM25/RM30 sheer tops! Great for days when you don’t feel skinny
  • Scallop top from Far East Plaza. Found the same top in Sungei Wang (already saw it coming but had to buy it. I mean, what if I never see that top again?) for cheaper…. *rage face* Shopping is such a cruel cruel thing.
Been shopping more on eBay and Cherry Culture… Need to stop. I’ll be a very happy girl in two weeks time when all my purchases start arriving in my mailbox!