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Material World

16 Jan

The superficial side of me is really hoping that I’ll get something from Tiffany & Co. for my 21st but realistically, why would I want my loved ones to pay so much for a simple piece of jewellery. The cheapest starting from $400 for a sterling sliver key pendant? No thanks. Besides, a key may seem like a good idea when I’m 21 but I foresee that once I’m older, a key may seem so cliche. 

But I must say though, Tiffany’s iconic blue box looks oh-s0-tempting.

Goal for now: Afford to buy myself a $2000 Facebook machine by my graduation ceremony in March. That isn’t going too well for not. Spent ridiculous amount of money buying clothes. *guilt* I may or may not have a problem. Weird thing is I feel so guilty after making those purchases instead of feeling ecstatic!

My life for now just simply involves going to work at Nandos, going on movie/TV series marathons, eating, sleeping and playing Smurfs Village.

Wished times were simpler. Kids, enjoy your time in high school, college and university! The big bad world is over-rated!