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25 May

It’s finally cold enough to be called winter here in Perth.

As winter comes, so does the cold and flu. Hello, my nose is blocked and runny and I’m starting to cough. My cold and flu medicine from last year is back home so I’m just gonna down Panadol Sinus Relieve for now. 

Been constantly thinking of seriously coming back to blogging (I know I’ve said this a gazillion times) but for real this time. However, I keep telling myself that maybe I need a new camera first. Maybe I need to lose weight first. Maybe <insert lame excuse>.

My Blackberry Curve 9300 is crapping itself. Might just be a battery problem but I’m already thinking of what new phone to get! The battery just goes flat all of a sudden and my phone shuts down. Not fun. The battery is out of stock on the official website and I can’t be bothered to hunt for a place that sells it. $53 for the battery… $53 or buy a new phone? Oh, what a tough decision. To be fair to my BB, I did drop it on the floor at least 20 times. 

I’ve also finally put it more effort into applying for jobs! Sucks to be an underachieving Asian graduate. 

#febphotoaday Day 18: Drink

18 Feb

A pint of beer on a Friday night with workmates at Belgian Beer Garden.

#febphotoaday Day 17: Time

17 Feb

#Febphotoaday Day 16: Something New

16 Feb

Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Hibiscus

Bought this yesterday. I’ve too may lipbalms but I just had to have this! Costed $10 instead of $15 because it was a special going on where all profits will go to charity instead.

# Febphotoaday Day 15: My Phone

16 Feb

My PinkBerry

This one is just a day late. Here’s my pink BlackBerry Curve! Changed the entire housing myself with the housing that I bought from ebay for just AUD10.

#febphotoaday Day 14: Heart

14 Feb


Happy valentines day, everyone. Doesn’t matter if you are single or taken, celebrate it with your loved ones.

#febphotoaday Day 13: Blue

14 Feb


The Smurfs Village! Was playing this quite religiously but recently stopped as everything started to become too repetitive and boring.

#febphotoaday Day 12: Inside Your Closet

12 Feb


One half of my closet. It’s not that I’ve too many clothes, it’s that my closet is too small.

#febphotoaday Day 11: Makes You Happy

11 Feb


Shopping makes me happy! Among other important things in life 🙂

#febphotoaday Day 10: Self Portrait

10 Feb


Curled my hair before heading out as I wanted the ombré effect to blend in better. Obsessed with curls! Still deliberating if I should perm my hair!