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#febphotoaday Day 9: Front Door

9 Feb

I'm the girl behind the red door. One Tree Hill fans will get it.


GMarket Haul

8 Feb

Finally getting around to sharing with you guys my buys from GMarket! Decided to stock up on winter gear since a lot of winter gear was on sale already. Spent $200 this time. Sad to say that $50 went to shipping but the cost per item makes it so worth it. How else can you buy 3 jackets, 2 shoes, 1 sweater and 2 jeans for $200?

And my purchases:


Riding Boots


Combat Boots

Cream and Red Striped Sweater

Brown Jacket

Black Jacket


Can’t wait to wear them all when winter comes! I’ll be all warm with more alternatives instead of hiding under varsity hoodies and oversized sweaters.

Oh, and I’ve more stuff from Korea thanks to a friend! More shoes and facial masks!

Gift from Tanya!

Facial products from Korea!

Apparently each mask just costs $1 and you get tons of free samples with every purchase. Which explains why I received so many!

When I visit Korea, I’m going with an empty suitcase!


p.s. Apologies for the pixilated pictures, the iTouch’s camera just ain’t that great but it sure is better than my BlackBerry Curve’s.

#febphotoaday Day 8: Sun

8 Feb

Sunset at Margaret River

Taken back in December during our roadtrip.

#febphotoaday Day 7: Button

7 Feb

I’m proud of my good ol’ Lenovo!



#febphotoaday Day 6: Dinner

6 Feb

A quick salad since I’ve leftovers.

Caeser Salad

Ceaser Salad

#febphotoaday Day 5: 10am

5 Feb


Slept in till 11am today.

#febphotoaday Day 4: A Stranger

4 Feb

With some ninja skills, I took this photo today while waiting for the bus.

#febphotoaday Day 3: Hands

4 Feb


Photo a Day!

2 Feb

Only started this last night so here’s day 1 and day 2:


DAY 1: Your View Today

This is the only photo I can find that’s relevant to my day on 1st Feb. Work. Hoping to get more shifts because I’ve all the time. Really should start looking for a proper office job or at least a second job soon.


DAY 2: Words

Source: because I like to read people’s blogs.

I need to start doing because nothing will come to me by being in bed with my laptop all day!


That’s day 1 and 2 for me. Are you in? It’s not too late join in!

I’ll be sharing the other 27 photos here so watch this space!



26 Jan

I was really too anxious to get my hair done so I took the train to the city on a Monday morning, the first day of Chinese New Year to get it done!

I initially thought of going to one of the Korean hairdressers as I had enquired about it earlier. Showed them some pictures and got a quote of $150.  I wanted to scout other hairdressers as I’ve never done anything so drastic to my hair so I was quite nervous about the outcome.

A saloon that came to mind was Makasi located just around the corner of Barrack Street and Wellington Street. Went in and told the lady what I was after and she immediately knew what it was. Was informed that it’s called balayage, it would cost $120 and I could get served in 10 minutes time. Instant win.

I don’t remember the name of the guy that did my hair but I remember that he was French. The process was basically just bleaching my hair. Was initially told that it’ll take just an hour but that was because I misinformed him that I didn’t want it too light (but it was too dark).

It wouldn’t have taken so long if I hadn’t used a semi-permanent dye on my hair 2 weeks ago…

Two long hours of sitting on the hair dressers chair. Wished I had a nicer photo of myself to share with everyone but I’m not that Asian bold to camwhore. I was excited because I could see that my hair was turning lighter!

Finally after 2 hours, ta-da! I think it looks really nice and has a more natural effect to it. He did a great job blending the shades.



Kinda would like it was just a little lighter so it would stand out more but he said we better not bleach it again or risk spoiling my hair.

Next big hair change: A perm! Not sure when though. Hair services are so expensive here compared to KL.