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#febphotoaday Day 18: Drink

18 Feb

A pint of beer on a Friday night with workmates at Belgian Beer Garden.


#febphotoaday Day 17: Time

17 Feb

#Febphotoaday Day 16: Something New

16 Feb

Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Hibiscus

Bought this yesterday. I’ve too may lipbalms but I just had to have this! Costed $10 instead of $15 because it was a special going on where all profits will go to charity instead.

# Febphotoaday Day 15: My Phone

16 Feb

My PinkBerry

This one is just a day late. Here’s my pink BlackBerry Curve! Changed the entire housing myself with the housing that I bought from ebay for just AUD10.

#febphotoaday Day 14: Heart

14 Feb


Happy valentines day, everyone. Doesn’t matter if you are single or taken, celebrate it with your loved ones.

#febphotoaday Day 13: Blue

14 Feb


The Smurfs Village! Was playing this quite religiously but recently stopped as everything started to become too repetitive and boring.

#febphotoaday Day 12: Inside Your Closet

12 Feb


One half of my closet. It’s not that I’ve too many clothes, it’s that my closet is too small.

#febphotoaday Day 11: Makes You Happy

11 Feb


Shopping makes me happy! Among other important things in life 🙂

#febphotoaday Day 10: Self Portrait

10 Feb


Curled my hair before heading out as I wanted the ombré effect to blend in better. Obsessed with curls! Still deliberating if I should perm my hair!

#febphotoaday Day 9: Front Door

9 Feb

I'm the girl behind the red door. One Tree Hill fans will get it.