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26 Jan

I was really too anxious to get my hair done so I took the train to the city on a Monday morning, the first day of Chinese New Year to get it done!

I initially thought of going to one of the Korean hairdressers as I had enquired about it earlier. Showed them some pictures and got a quote of $150.  I wanted to scout other hairdressers as I’ve never done anything so drastic to my hair so I was quite nervous about the outcome.

A saloon that came to mind was Makasi located just around the corner of Barrack Street and Wellington Street. Went in and told the lady what I was after and she immediately knew what it was. Was informed that it’s called balayage, it would cost $120 and I could get served in 10 minutes time. Instant win.

I don’t remember the name of the guy that did my hair but I remember that he was French. The process was basically just bleaching my hair. Was initially told that it’ll take just an hour but that was because I misinformed him that I didn’t want it too light (but it was too dark).

It wouldn’t have taken so long if I hadn’t used a semi-permanent dye on my hair 2 weeks ago…

Two long hours of sitting on the hair dressers chair. Wished I had a nicer photo of myself to share with everyone but I’m not that Asian bold to camwhore. I was excited because I could see that my hair was turning lighter!

Finally after 2 hours, ta-da! I think it looks really nice and has a more natural effect to it. He did a great job blending the shades.



Kinda would like it was just a little lighter so it would stand out more but he said we better not bleach it again or risk spoiling my hair.

Next big hair change: A perm! Not sure when though. Hair services are so expensive here compared to KL.

Ombre Hair

21 Jan

Totally obsessed with the ombre hair trend right now! Absolutely determined to get this done soon. Better now since I’m not in the professional workforce and I’m still young.

Some inspiration on how I want my hair to look like:

Not sure if I just want to bleach it to get it to a lighter colour or bleach and colour it.

Gonna spend that extra money and get it done in a salon. I want a nice gradient effect instead of a crappy DIY job. Never worked with hair bleach in my life.

I’m kinda vary of how a light colour will look on my even though it’s just on the tips. Last time I dyed my hair an awful light brown it totally washed me out.

How I wished I could get pink tips instead but that will never happen with my Asian black hair.


What say you? Should I go for it or stay boring and just get a perm?


Want, Want, Want

16 Jan

Had my eye on the Canon S95 for awhile now. Take’s good pictures without the bulk of a DSLR. Imagine my excitement when I found out Canon released a new model!

The Canon S100


Yet another expensive toy on my wishlist.

Material World

16 Jan

The superficial side of me is really hoping that I’ll get something from Tiffany & Co. for my 21st but realistically, why would I want my loved ones to pay so much for a simple piece of jewellery. The cheapest starting from $400 for a sterling sliver key pendant? No thanks. Besides, a key may seem like a good idea when I’m 21 but I foresee that once I’m older, a key may seem so cliche. 

But I must say though, Tiffany’s iconic blue box looks oh-s0-tempting.

Goal for now: Afford to buy myself a $2000 Facebook machine by my graduation ceremony in March. That isn’t going too well for not. Spent ridiculous amount of money buying clothes. *guilt* I may or may not have a problem. Weird thing is I feel so guilty after making those purchases instead of feeling ecstatic!

My life for now just simply involves going to work at Nandos, going on movie/TV series marathons, eating, sleeping and playing Smurfs Village.

Wished times were simpler. Kids, enjoy your time in high school, college and university! The big bad world is over-rated!

Back for Good or Not

13 Jan

This is the umpteenth time I’m saying this but I want to start blogging again and I’m going to stick to it this time!

Still debating if I should stick to WordPress or go back to Blogger.
The only reason I switched to WordPress is because I have the option of making certain posts password protected but if I don’t want people to see it, why put it up for the world to see anyway?
Blogger is so tempting because it’s so easy to use and customize.

How now brown cow?

Another pickle is that I honestly do not have much going on. All I would write about would probably be about bumming at home or work. Talking about work will probably get me in trouble though. Working in customer service/food and beverage industry can make you lose your cool once in awhile…