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27 Oct

Finally decided to buy myself a pair of Havaianas! They’re a bit of a splurge at $30 a pair when you can buy thongs for $2 at like Target or Cotton On but the moment I laid eyes on this online I knew I had to have it! Was getting paranoid that I’ll never find it because I could only find limited patterns online, it has been out for awhile and they seem really popular… Found them at City Beach today, grabbed a size and then paid for them!

Its so pwettyyyyy. Retail therapy ftw!


Me Gusta

27 Oct

I am a 9Gag-er indeed! Was procrastinating last night with 50+ pages of 9Gag (which is normal for anyone, right!) and saw the reply/repost to the grilled cheese sandwich post.

Was wondering what to have for breakfast and I saw my loaf of bread and thought, ‘why not?’

The toaster was smoking while on because I forgot to empty the crumb tray before tilting the toaster. The base of the toast was a little burnt but that can be easily scraped off. Hmm, grilled cheese sandwich.

WordPress App

27 Oct
Freo Market

Freo Market

Was browsing the Blackberry App World this morning and found a WordPress App! How exciting 🙂

Random picture of Ostrich eggs for sale at Freo Market from last Friday. Was so tempted to buy one but $8 seems steep. What will I do with a giant egg?