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Retail Therapy

26 Nov

Out celebrating Sabrina’s Mao Mao’s NINETEENTH birthday at Little Caesar’s in Leederville  and we found this really cool store. Michelle, Izzy, Mao Mao and I each holding cards that best reflect our own personalities. Mine says:

“I know a girl that’s a compulsive shopper. She’ll buy anything that’s marked down. One day she’s gonna come home with an escalator.”

My NYX goodies finally arrived! Bought them from Cherry Culture. They carry other brands of make up as well but I don’t trust it and am not going to risk it. NYX Round Lipstick was just USD2.5 and Gloss at USD2 each! At the time of purchase, AUD and USD was par so oh-happy-days!

I placed the order on 4th November and it only arrived today on the 26th and if I’m not mistaken, shipping costed USD15.50 which isn’t horrible.

Funny story about the parcel. I was at home getting dressed for work when I heard a knock on my door. Immediate reaction: Freak out! Who in the world could that be! I got dressed, slowly looked out the peek-hole and saw no one. Slowly and dramatically, I turned my keys to unlock my door and saw a parcel sitting right in front of my doorstep! I frantically brought the parcel up and started to rip it apart using my keys (to cut the tape!) and while I was at it, I noticed that my knuckle  was bleeding. Yes, I hurt myself while opening a parcel. WIN!

All I bought was a lip pencil, eyeshadow brush, a lip gloss and two lip sticks. I was so envious when I saw my friends eyeshadow because it was all so pwetty! The shopping monster wants eyeshadows too! & a lip brush and more lip stick and lip gloss because they’re so awesome!

Am very happy with my purchases except for a Round Lip Stick in Femme. I was totally not the colour I expected. Guess that’s the price I pay for not getting better swatches of it. Apricot is just a perfect for everyday wear to give you a hint of colour and Tea Rose is just lovely! I shall do some swatches if I remember to. 🙂

Can any shopping pro’s tell me if I should buy NYX from Cherry Culture of am I better off joining one of those sprees on lowyat forum?

All I can end this post with it: ONLINE SHOPPING FOR THE WIN. Gosh, I want Urban Decay make up too!

It’s a Curse

16 Nov

Day one of my summer holidays and I’m already bored out of my mind. To add to that, I think my brain is fried from all that studying plus the heat today- headache, again!

My plans for the 3 weeks before I head back to KL is to work, watch movies and series and hang out. Stressing out too because I want to earn more money at work but I’ve only been given 3 shifts a week. How how? Stressing coz I want more money and I still want to enjoy my 3 weeks here in Perth but that means spending more money. Someone just buy me a winning Lotto ticket!

I’ve listed down a very very long list of things that I want to buy from KL. I’ve also learnt my lesson and I’ve listed down the things that I want to eat too!

Can’t wait to be home!