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The Plan

23 Oct

I’ve booked my flight ticket home for KL! Flying commercial, baby. Learnt my lesson the hard way and that is always to book your tickets months and months in advanced or be prepared to burn a huge hole in your pocket. Will be back on the 6th! Mark your calendars (syok sendiri thinking that I’m that important. haha)

I’m being prepared and am already listing down a few lists of things to eat, do and buy when I’m back in KL.

& I hope/pray/ that I can still get an internship placement this summer. I will go through the ends of the earth to get one!

Summer 2010 will hopefully be the starting line of the rat race.

Isn’t it depressing to think that we live to work… CPA or CA, here I come!

All I want to do is to become a tai tai and play mahjong all day.