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Almost Magic

10 Aug

Once upon a time there was a magical kingdom called online shopping. In exchange for a few bank details, items would magically appear in your mailbox.

Okay, I am so not funny.

So happy today because I came home to my dress from Supre sitting in my mailbox (Ordered it on Thursday night and I got a feeling that it arrived on Monday but I wasn’t home). I had some lunch, took a nap and when I went downstairs to check my mailbox again, there was a package sitting in my mailbox again! To top that up, there was a bag under my bed with money and my new dress from KL in it! I feel like that girl in the fairy tale with the magic porridge pot! One more item to arrive and that’s if for now!

The Not So Secret

8 Aug

I’m sure everyone except those who live under a rock has heard of the book called The Secret. I’ve never read it myself  and I do not intend to but from all that people have been saying about it is as simple as this:

If you want something, think positive of what it is you want, think of it lotsssss and it’ll come to you.

As ridiculous as it does sound (I wish for a billion dollars, I wish for flying pink pigs), I personally find this to be true. When I first found out about this book, my first thoughts were “beetch stole my idea!”. Though that it just highly impossible. If it’s a ‘secret’ and it’s supposed to work, I’m sure a thousand other people have already embraced this secret before it was turned into a money making machine.

I’ve come to realize that sometimes its not just as simple as wishing for things. If I wish for a job no one is just going to give one to me. The more I think about it, the more actions I do to make it come true. I hand out resumes all over the place and someone is bound employ me! It’s about putting yourself out there and making more doors open for you.

My cousin wrote on my wall “luck may play a role in success so always exploit a lucky break but remember that the harder you work, the luckier you seem to get”.

I’ve always told myself that I was lucky for most of my exams because it so happens that the questions I decided to do as revision were very similar to what came out in the exams. After reading that quote, it got me thinking. It’s not luck… it was in fact a result of small amount of hard work. I had completed reading my notes over and over again so I decided to do a little extra questions. So in fact, it is true that the harder you work, the luckier you seem to get.

Another philosophy that I had decided to adopt is to have low expectations to avoid being disappointed. It has not failed me yet. Don’t over think things, over psycho analyse and try to play fortune teller, just go with the flow and wait to be pleasantly surprised. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself. Avoid disappointment and let any little thing impress and make you happy! On of my favourite quotes is “aim for the moon because when you fall, you fall among the stars” and it’s contradicting to what I just said.

Here’s some things I’ve always wanted to say and it seems to be fitting for this post.

1. I am psycho stressed whenever I start thinking of all the work, studying, assignments, lectures, tutorials to do! But just give me 5-10 minutes of stressing and I’ll be back to normal.

2. I’ve always been paranoid if people really like me. I mean, why would anyone like me? What’s there to like? I wonder if people genuinely enjoy my company or if they’re just tolerating me.

3. Sometimes I think I’m not a nice person and that I’m such a pessimist. I would admire the girl who’s kind, patient and see’s the good in everyone rather than the girl who’s irritable and mean.

I’m going to call it a night early. Sigh, not much done today but tomorrow is another day! Working at the grill in Nandos for awhile has given me a headache.

I Amuse Myself

7 Aug

I think this picture deserves a further explanation… A friend brought Japanese Rice Crackers to uni and offered us (them weird Singaporeans call it “wang wang”) (after some research, the brand of the rice crackers is Wang Wang, manufactured by Wank Wank Want Want)  After some discussion on the different types of Japanese biscuits and the origins of  the name ‘wang wang’ the conversation ended with that above. LOL. Jo and I just cracked up laughing after that while the two guys just sat there probably in disbelieve that I just said that.

The rice crackers with the white stuff on it!

I think anyone who knows me well enough will know how I can get. The temporary moment of genius of coming up with a priceless insult/joke/etc to say. Of course it doesn’t always work out the way I intend it to. Sometimes things just come out plain wrong and I just end up digging myself into a bigger hole.

Been spending lots of time in the library supposedly studying but I’ve still got a pile of work to do. Time seems to be flying by yet slowing down. My days just slip right by me while it feels like I haven’t been to work in months when it was just last week that I was there. I still work my Nandos job as a cashier but I think it’s high time I find another/second job in a more related field of my studies. Accounting *yawn*. Anyhoos, Nandos has been fun and it has helped me become a happy girl by giving me that extra spending money. Most certainly time I become more in control and disciplined to start saving up for a rainy day. Gosh, just as I said that, my mum’s nags just came into my head.

Was looking back at photos from Sunway AUSMAT days and it made me realize just how much I miss my buddies and they way everything was then! Sigh….. But we all move on into the next chapter in life and the only thing we can do is to enjoy it and move forward.

More lectures to catch up on and a busy week ahead for me.

Till next time. xoxo.

Two Years.

1 Aug

Happy two years anniversary, Nick boo!

Oh boy, how fast time flies. It’s been exactly two years since you got up on stage to perform on Talent Time and that was the day our lives would change forever. I’m so lucky and happy to have you in my life.

I’m proud that were a living proof that a long distance relationship can work out! One and a half more years, baby!

For now, I shall just annoy you every night over Skype.  ❤

I love you always and forever, Nicholas Tiang!

Little trivias:

– I was the one who asked for his number first! Not in the “Hi, can I call you?” way but it the pretence of “in case we lose each other” during the Seventeen Summer Splash 2008. LOL, but I really just wanted his number.

–  On our second month anniversary, he invited me to his grandma’s birthday party! Scary much? His entire family was there! Parents, siblings, aunties, uncles, cousins, etc! However it turned out to be a really good night and I’m glad I didn’t chicken out.

– When the topic comes out, we both still argue and insist that one of us was the one who made the first move to talk to each other! I insist that I was the one who made the effort to stand next to you and strike up a conversation while you were watching your friends play foosball!

– I’ll try to annoy you less over Skype ok! Once uni fully kicks off I’ll be fully occupied!