10th + 2

30 Jul

Why let Twitter have all the limelight? Random-doodles of my day, how badly I am at time management and my lack of priorities.

[1] Woke up around 9 in the morning and I was already planning my full day ahead. Quick shopping trip then to uni to catch up on Intro to Law lectures.

[2] 11.30am, Went to Carousel mall to buy a thing or two. Looked at one shop, went to another then went back to the first shop then back to the second shop. It’s no big deal except that the two stores are practically on the opposite sides of the mall. Wasted-my-time.

[3] Bought Covergirl lipstain! It came with a free nail polish. Now I can finally rock red lips and red nails!

[4] Always hesitant to paint my nails because I work in F&B hence no painted fingernails. Pointless to paint my toe nails since its still winter and it’s always hidden underneath shoes. Can’t resist my new red polish so I will paint my finger nails after work this weekend!

[5] Have to do law homework and reading.

[6] One down, four more  hours of lectures to go! (to catch up on for week 1) I’ve got valid reasons as to why I skipped! eg: Only lecture for the day hence not going to spend more time travelling than how long the lecture is! Lunch.

[7] Went to uni later than I planned today. Only managed to catch up on one lecture. I rock. Facebook-ed and blog[shop]-hopped while I was there.

[8] Had Roasted Chicken with steam rice from Chiliz. AUD4.5. That’s like the cheapest place that I know to get food other than at the food court at closing hour where they sell 3 pre-packed mixed rice for $10. I was starving so I finished everything *shock,horror* Last time I had something from Chiliz, I had it for two separate meals… They’re both of the same portion.

[9] I swear on a cute cat’s life that I will study and catch up on at least two more lectures tonight!

[10] Time to clean up the house and do laundry tomorrow. It.must.be.productive!


[11] Most certainly need more than one shift at work if not it’s time to find a second job. Preferably something that’ll pay double during Sundays/holidays. ho ho ho.

[12] Today is the launch of the iPhone 4 in Australia. So amusing to see people lined up outside the phone dealership! At least it’s just a line and not like people camping overnight.

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